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October 04, 2015

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Totes & The Busy Woman




Is there anything more revealing about us as humans, as the items that we take with us each and every day as we move throughout the world? The novel we keep tucked under our arm just in case we find a moment of solace to let our imagination run free. The fourteen lipsticks that reside at the bottom of a purse; the old worn photographs tucked inside a wallet.

 If you think about it, this act of toting around objects with us really dates back to our earliest childhood years when we’d drag that blankie or teddy bear everywhere we went. Perhaps it is a sense of security or maybe sometimes it is a crutch – whatever the reason we decide to bring these objects with us, we subconsciously require them to go on with the day. They’ve become part of us and we probably won’t give them up anytime soon.

 Our team, here at Yor Leather, wanted to create something that would bring more substance and quality to this daily act of toting your belongings. Much like a turtleshell, we wanted to create and design something that would withstand the test of time – and the test of real life.

 The Calgary Classic Tote is our answer to the busy mom, the multi-tasker, the freelancer and the tote-it-all ladies of the world. No matter what your daily route looks like, the Calgary Classic Tote will only enhance it. We’ve seen all types seamlessly integrate this bag into their busy lives; teachers, young professionals, moms and as we mentioned, those who love to bring as much stuff with them at all times. We love them.

Beyond carrying your everyday essentials, this tote made of 100% full grain leather, is ideal for toting a laptop along with files and books. The straps are reinforced so you don’t have to worry about them snapping when you swing it over your shoulder after a busy day. The length of the straps is also something we are proud of. We wanted to design a bag that was comfortable, whether it is slung over a shoulder, in the crook of an arm or handheld – the Calgary Classic is all about stylish comfort no matter what.

We’ve put our heart and soul into the Calgary Classic Tote and we hope you will too. It is, after all, big enough for all of us.